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Deck the Halls with Memories: DIY Wreaths for Your Gallery Wall

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to sprinkle some festive cheer around our homes. What better way to do so than by dressing up those precious framed moments on your gallery wall with DIY wreaths? Here’s how you can transform your portrait gallery into a festive focal point with a few simple touches.

Gather Your Greens: Start with a sturdy wreath base, which you can find on Amazon (or your local craft store). You want something that can hold a few embellishments but still be light enough to hang comfortably on your wall.

Embellish with Elegance: Add some flair to your wreath with decorative accents. Think faux berries, pinecones, or even a string of twinkling lights for that cozy holiday glow. The second product from Amazon offers an array of choices for you to personalize your wreath.

Assemble with Love: Lay out your materials and begin to attach your chosen decorations to the wreath base. Use floral wire for items that might need a little extra security, or a hot glue gun for a more permanent bond.

Tie it Together: A beautiful ribbon can make all the difference. Choose a color that complements your decor, and tie a bow to add a classic touch to your wreath.

Mount with Care: When it's time to display your masterpiece, opt for removable hooks placed strategically above your frames. This way, you can hang your wreath without damaging your walls or portraits.

Illuminate the Joy: If you’ve chosen to add lights to your wreath, weave them in and around your greenery and secure them discreetly with wire. The soft lighting will cast a warm and inviting glow on your cherished photographs.

Make it Last: If you’re using fresh greenery, spritz it with water every few days to keep it lively. After the season, store your wreath in a cool, dry place so it can grace your walls for many Christmases to come.

This holiday season, let your walls tell a story not just of cherished past memories but of the joy and creativity that fill your home now. DIY wreath frames are more than just decorations; they’re a celebration of love, family, and the warmth of the season. So go ahead, get crafty, and 'Deck the Halls with Memories'!

Below are the products that I used to create the look pictured above.


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